Free Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy Screenings

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The Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center is offering free occupational therapy and physical therapy screenings if your child has difficulty with any of the following developmental skills:


Fine Motor/Sensory Skills Gross Motor Skills
Infant:  Birth to 6 Months Infant:  Birth to 6 Months
Looks at people or objects Holds head up to look to each side
Moves eyes to follow people or objects Rolls to both sides
Reaches for toys Raises head and chest while lying on stomach
Holds objects for more than 15 seconds Has active leg movements
Moves arms and legs independently Makes “swimming” motions with arms and legs when on stomach
Infant:  6 Months to 1 Year Sits with support and back is rounded
Removes objects from containers
Grasps small pieces of food with index finger and thumb(11 months) Infant:  6 Months to 1 YearSits without support
Places objects into containers (11 months) Army crawling or scooting on stomach
Claps hands Creeps or crawls on all fours
Responds to their name Walks while holding onto furniture for support
Stops a rolling ball while sitting on the floor
Toddler:  1 Year to 2 Years
Stacks toys or blocks (15 months) Toddler:  1 Year to 2 Years
Scribbles (14 months) Walks while holding onto your fingers
Imitates marks with marker (vertical 23 months) Pulls up to standing position
Opens book Kicks a stationary ball
Throws a ball under-handed, up to five feet
Toddler:  2 Years to 3 Years Walks up and down stairs with help
Puts shapes in a shapes toy Should be able to run
Imitates a circle (33 months)
Attempts to feed self with spoon Toddler:  2 Years to 3 Years
Strings beads Can stand on one foot without support
Catches a ball while standing
Child:  3 Years to 5 years Throws a ball over-handed
Cuts with scissors Jumps up, down, and forward
Beginning to color in defined spaces
Holds pencil correctly Child:  3 Years to 5 years
Beginning to write legible letters Hops and skips
Dresses self Rides a tricycle
Uses a slide without help
Other sensory issues at any age would indicate need for
Occupational Therapy evaluation: 
Child is stressed by or resists being touched
Child is stressed by or resists different textures, material, or cloth
Child will not ride on swings or go down slide, fear of movement on playground equipment
Child falls easily, trips, or is clumsy
Aversion to hair cuts
Fear of heights (feet off the ground)
Difficulty with eating different textures of food


School age children would benefit from an occupational therapy or physical therapy screening if they have any of the following difficulties:


Occupational Therapy  Physical Therapy 
If your child: If your child:
Has difficulty copying shapes, letters, and forms Cannot ride bike
Has lack of hand preference Is clumsy – tripping and falling
Has poor eye-hand coordination Can’t climb on playground equipment
Can’t tie shoes Has poor circulation
Has handwriting difficulties Has poor endurance – fatigues easily
Has attention to task problemsExhibits excessive fidgeting Has poor balance for kicking, running, throwing, and hopping
Has difficulty copying information from boardHas difficulty with sequencing activities (dressing, patterns, Has trouble keeping up with classmates on playground
tooth brushing) Has poor muscle strength
Is not potty trained (5 years) Is overweight
Won’t tolerate different textures of food Has lack of confidence in physical activities due to
Doesn’t hold or use eating utensils poor performance
Exhibits excessive movement (hitting, crashing into walls) Has prolonged complaints of joint pain
Has difficulty getting off floor to standing position



Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center

For appointment call:
Catalina Uranga @ 332-8244 or Kim Ortega (text or call) 432-349-6457


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