Audiology Services

The practice of Audiology  includes both the prevention and assessment of auditory, vestibular (dizziness, imbalance, vertigo), and related impairments as well as the habilitation, rehabilitation and maintenance of persons with these challenges. The objective of audiology is to optimize and enhance the ability of an individual to hear, as well as to communicate in his or her everyday environment. The overall goal of audiologic services is to improve the quality of life for all of these individuals. We provide advanced hearing care for children and adults with a “connected to you” mentality. We have been here and we will be here for you. If it’s tuning your hearing aid, purchasing a hearing aid or providing you with information and support we have it covered with our professional certified technicians.

  • Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations

  • Auditory Perceptual Evaluation

  • Sound Field Testing

  • Tympanometry

  • Eustachian Tube Function

  • Impedance Audiometry

  • School/Employment Screenings

  • Auditory Training

  • Digital Hearing Aid

  • Acoustic Reflexes

  • Water Protection Ear molds

  • Sound Protection Ear molds

  • STAP Applications and Telephones Available

  • Adult/Child Medicaid Accepted (Audiology)

  • Self-Pay Accepted

  • Insurance benefits verified

  • Hearing Aid Batteries/supplies

  • On-Site Doctor of Audiology

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