Wish List for Donations

There are lots of ways you can help out our therapists and patients! The Center is always in need of updated equipment and tools to assist with innovative therapy techniques. If you would like to contribute, please see a list of much needed equipment below. Check back frequently as we adjust our needs! If you would like to donate the funds for the Center to purchase a particular item, please contact Shannon Adams at (432) 332-8244 or social@pbrehab.com.

Please ship all items to:

The Permian Basin Rehab Center

620 N. Alleghaney

Odessa, TX 79761


Ned’s Head Describing Game

Uses: For expanding vocabulary of our speech therapy patients

Lego Train Set

Uses: For expanding vocabulary of our speech therapy patients

Trampoline with handlebar

Uses: All therapies use this with various activities in the play gym. Trampolines advance coordination, strength, power, balance and works patients towards jumping skills.

Recreational ball set

Uses: Coordination, motor planning, balance and object manipulation skills.

Vinyl Teaching Bean Bags (Alphabet)

Uses: Object manipulation, coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and motor planning

Cuff Ankle Weights

Uses: Used for strengthening and sensory training.
(1.5lbs, 2lbs, 2.5lbs, 3lbs, and 4lbs )

Rainbow Toss-N-Chip Target Nets

Uses: Object manipulation, fine and gross motor skills, coordination

All Purpose Stopwatch (Need 2)

Uses: For evaluations and testing timed skills in all departments

Graston Technique Tools

Uses: The tools are top of the line for aiding manual therapy and preserving therapist’s hands. The tools have a unique design to target various parts of the body for breaking up spasms, scar tissue, fibroids etc.

 GT Instrument Sets (6 piece), Insructional DVD and Emollient with Vitamin D

Make a Donation Now!

Looking to make a difference in your West Texas Community? It’s as easy as following the link below and making a donation to the Permian Basin Rehab Center. No matter the size of donation, your money will make a huge difference in the lives of community members of all ages.